World’s longest running self-service Expo to be held in Dubai


Zenith Events, Dubai together with JD Events, USA is organizing the second annual Dual-Automation & Self-Service Show & Conference, incorporating KioskCom Middle East & Vending Middle East. The Expo will be taking place on February 12-13, 2007 at the Crowne Plaza, Dubai.

For the first time, the World’s longest running self-service trade show will be held in Dubai as KioskCom Middle East, alongside the World’s biggest associations supporting the parallel held expo Vending Middle East; both trade shows and conferences providing opportunities to network, and delivering business solutions focusing on interactive self-service programs in a number of fields, including: retail, finance, hospitality, tourism, health care, government, gaming/entertainment, hospitals, restaurants, QSRs, financial services, ticketing, photo and other industries.

Tradeshow Week named three times as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Trade Shows in North America, KioskCom has continued its reputation as the most critical, strategic, largest and longest running conference and tradeshow for kiosks and self-service media and technology, worldwide. This event has maintained more than a decade of success by delivering critical content and strategies to ensure deployment success – directly from end-user companies that utilize these technologies within their organizations.

“Companies are interested in offering customer service that is efficient and of the highest quality to the customer, and at the same time is cost effective to the business; kiosks and self-service technology meet those standards,” said Joel Davis, JD Events’ President & CEO. “Working with local tradeshow companies allows us to expand into the international arena of self-service technology and at the same time develop our show around the cultural diversity and business practices of those markets.”

“Supporting the advancements in technology, especially self-service technology, is one of the most important steps any customer-service oriented company can take to ensure business success,” said Phil Hunter, Event Director of KioskCom Europe. “I’m very positive that our partnership with JD Events to use the KioskCom brand will allow us to further educate the European market on generating additional revenues and improving the customer experience, which are at the forefront of all organization strategies.”

The Middle East is a rapidly growing market for kiosks and self-service technology, with the sector increasing at a rate of 15% per year. This market increase reflects the retail boom in the region, as the area strives to deliver results to a population of over one million consumers.

The global vending and kiosks industry is currently valued at US$30 billion, and is expected to grow by 69 percent in 2007.

Countries such as the United States of America and Japan are leading the way in embracing solutions that will have positive impact on cost-of-sale and customer satisfaction; as a result, the vending industry is a retail channel of key importance in many product and service categories.

With the new generation of high-technology machines and self-service solutions being showcased at KioskCom Middle East, and Vending Middle East, the expo is expected to attract over 3,000 visitors, buyers, importers, distributors, and traders from the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, North Africa and CIS countries.

“The first edition of the Dual-Automation & Self-Service Show received an immense response from the Dubai Government, exhibitors, visitors and the media. We are delighted to have the backing of KioskCom Middle East in making the next edition of this exhibition a bigger and more enhanced event. With the insight, expertise and support of KioskCom, we have been able to gather the most comprehensive product range from around the world”, said Ms Kavita Dabrai, Director, Zenith Events.

Vending Middle East shall display and educate the trade on the technological updates in self-service equipment and products such as beverage vending, bottled water vending, chocolates vending, shoe-shine vending, first aid vending, gifts vending, pay phones, postage stamp vending, newspaper and magazine vending.

Meanwhile, KioskCom Middle East – to be held alongside Vending Middle East – will showcase procurement solutions that include hardware, software and other network applications required to upgrade machines to make them user-friendly and fully automated. These range from enabling kiosks to offer bill payment transactions to informative services, improving business efficiency and return on investment.

“Some of the leading industry players which are participating and attending include APW, Kiosk Information Systems, Aptec, Japan Cash Machine, Walvyn Group, Selftech Worldwide, Ultimedia, Hemisphere West Europe, Electrone, XN Asia, Slabb Middle East,  Custom Engineering, Emirates Photo Marketing, Fujifilm, 3M and Zupera Technology, featuring a range of dual automation and self-service solutions – bringing all the manufacturers, suppliers and vendors of various fields under one roof”, commented Sarita Lakhiani, Project Executive, Zenith Events.

“The expo will help highlight new advances in technology and self-service that will boost consumer usage of vending machines and kiosks. Self-Service are popular to help companies increase customer satisfaction, improved customer service and decrease wait-time and they are also known to be cost-effective. Hence, this is needed today in the Middle East region for the comfort and convenience it provides.” she further added.

The biggest brand name in the Kiosks industry, KIOSK, are the Platinum Sponsors for the expo and conference, with Mr. Peter Snyder, International Director of KIOSK himself, speaking at the conferences.

The conferences shall feature an array of International Speakers, including topics such as Generation of Revenue from Self-Service, ATM Best Practices, Risk Management, Past, Present and Future of Kiosks, the Most Popular Kiosks and more.

The trade show and conference is supported by the Self-Service & Kiosk Association, ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the Worldwide Vending Association (WVA), European Vending Association (EVA), National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) and the Japan Vending Manufacturers Association (JVMA).

The expo and the conferences held alongside are free of charge from 10.30 am – 7.00 pm on both days.