See how Porsche is racing towards the future


See how Porsche is racing towards the future

December 8, 2017 12:20 pm

Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans.

GulfRetail conducted an exclusive interview Porsche CEO Deesch Papke to showcase the latest technology trends followed by the company and namely digitization.

GulfRetail: 1- How is Porsche responding to current and future megatrends such as digitization?

The automotive industry is undergoing a major digital transformation. As part of Porsche’s global strategy, we are focusing on integrating our traditional sports car DNA with the technologies of tomorrow and progress is already being made. Last year saw the launch of several major projects, including Porsche Digital GmbH, based in Ludwigsburg, Berlin and Silicon Valley, with a further office planned in China and probably more to come in the future. Together, they are tasked with identifying the latest digital trends and technologies, and transforming them into solutions for our customers.

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We are creating products to increase the connectivity between the driver, the vehicle and the world outside and simultaneously create a new stream of revenue for the organization in the future. The new concept of a digital showroom is already well advanced and we shall soon see the first two openings in our region.

We are also continuing to develop and extend our hybrid range. Mission E, Porsche’s first all-electric car, is set to be our most digital ever when it arrives at the end of the decade.

GulfRetail: 2- Is Porsche planning to go into the autonomous cars industry? If yes when and how? And if not, then why?

There are many interpretations of autonomous driving, including completely independent driving where you sit in a car with no steering wheel or pedals. We know that a Porsche customer values the driving experience, and most people buy our sports cars because they want to drive them themselves. We will have a steering wheel and we will have pedals, but over time there will be more and more elements that become autonomous in order to enhance the overall driving experience. Our present focus is to provide solutions that meet our customers’ needs through a host of assistance systems, for example traffic jam pilots or instruments that a car uses to find a parking space and to park on its own, like it is available in the new Cayenne.

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GulfRetail: 3- Does Porsche have any electrical cars or not yet? What is Porsche planning to do in this area?

Porsche has always been on the forefront of electrification and in fact was the first manufacturer in the premium segment to offer hybrid drive systems in three different model lines, including the 918 Spyder, a super sports car that not only set new standards, but as a technology champion, demonstrated that Porsche’s approach to electric mobility is the right one.

Whilst we are working on a fully electric model named “Mission E”, with 600 hp, acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and a range of up to 500 km, we are currently extending the range of parallel hybrid models.

GulfRetail: 4- What features does Porsche provide which are not available in other sports cars?

Our sports cars offer the perfect balance of everyday usability, performance and almost limitless individualization options – a strategy which has remained unchanged over time. A key element of our performance evolution is motorsport – a fundamental part of the brand’s heritage. With more than 30,000 race victories worldwide, Porsche knows how to build successful race cars. Using the race track as a testing bed, new technologies are developed, tried and refined, with learnings and innovations then taken further and implemented into road-legal models. Together with our extensive individualization programme, this is what’s sets us apart from other brands.

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GulfRetail: 5- What new markets (regions and users) is Porsche trying to reach and how?

We are continuously monitoring the region and observing the markets very carefully. Our partners regularly invest in facility upgrades and new services. In addition, we focus on the consistent enhancement of personal skills, by offering regular training programs for staff across all departments of a dealership. This is a crucial element to ensure highest customer service.

GulfRetail: 6- What top 3 designs and engineering criteria will drive Porsche up to 2020?

E-Performance is and will remain the biggest innovation driver, resulting in a new design interpretation of our Porsche DNA and creating more than a thousand new jobs in a new production facility currently under construction and future home to ground-breaking engineering processes. Whilst new systems and technologies will be implemented over the coming years, it is important to remain focused on our core brand values that set us apart from competition. We will continue to provide benchmark sports cars in each segment which offer driving pleasure for every day. You will also always have the opportunity to customize your Porsche as unique as your fingerprint by choosing elements from our extensive Porsche Exclusive and Tequipment programme.

And whilst there is no doubt that driver assisting systems and further comfort enhancements are important for many of our customers, we also believe that the demand for purebred sports cars will never cease. We have proven that with race track ready models, such as the 911 R or 911 GT2 RS, which sold out within a very short time. Hence, engineering advancements and design modules, where form follows function, will continue to play a crucial role for these special offerings.

Source: Press Release