Polaroid aims to re-establish across the Gulf


Specialist photography vendor Polaroid has launched itself at hometech with the aim of re-establishing the brand as a dedicated consumer electronics name across the Gulf. Showcasing its range of products, including DVD players, LCD televisions, digital printers, scanners, and digital cameras, marketing manager Alec El Hag claims that Kingdom-based distributors who are willing to invest time and effort into rebuilding a brand with a strong history in the region should look at snapping up rights to Polaroid.

“Hometech is what we would consider to be the official relaunch of Polaroid in the region as a consumer electronics brand,” said El Hag, marketing manager at Polaroid representative Smart Business Developers International. “We’ve already launched in the UAE, our pilot market in the region, and we’ve been doing very well. Our DVD-branded products are already outselling more traditional rivals, so we’re considering that as a good sign for a name which has not traditionally played in these spaces. Now we want to target the rest of the GCC.

With an office in Dubai, Polaroid is already looking further afield than the UAE. Using hometech as a base to meet both consumers and channel players, El Hag claims that distributors will receive support and assistance to re-establish the Polaroid name in retail channels.

“We want to meet distis from Saudi who will be willing to take on the brand. We will give them full support and we hope they will bring the brand to where it was. Today, we are consumer conscious company. We are doing much more than cameras, and Polaroid’s aim has been to deliver instant content into the hands of the consumers. In the UAE we have been out to find out how well trained retail staff are, what is there in the market, and how much they know. We will be looking to replicate that in Saudi, but we need a distributor on board who understands the retail market and who wants a vendor who will work in partnership for the long term,” added El Hag.

With a name that still has a lot of appeal to snap-happy consumers, El Hag believes that Polaroid can reclaim its brand magic if it has the right in-country partner. “It has a brand that has a certain weight with it, but we are planning for a period of two to three years to bring the brand back to where it was before. We can do very well in Saudi. We’ve had responses saying that the brand is gone, but for us to hear people talking about Polaroid here at hometech is testament that it is still remembered.”

With a range of products, including technology from its older instant camera models, Polaroid will be looking to get consumers clicking again in Arabia. However, with a new range of products consumers may be seeing Polaroid on more shelf space in the near future. With a name that is second to none, for a distributor that is willing to work hard and develop the brand Polaroid may be worth more than a second shot.

Source: It-Arabia