Pizza Hut to start World Food Fest today


Bangalore: Pizza Hut rolled out the start of its World Food Fest (WFF) in Bangalore today. WFF is the all new menu created by Pizza Hut’s in-house chefs and features dishes from Lebanon, China, Mexico, Russia, France, US, India and many other countries. The event will run for three months and the menu could continue later on too, depending upon the customers response.

Also, select flagship stores across the country will host live performances by singers who will sing international songs, including songs on request. Here too depending upon the consumers preferences the live performance could continue during the entire course of the WFF event. Pizza hut employees will also sport a new look. Besides live performances, Pizza Hut restaurants will also feature other entertainment options like ‘wait-busters’, which engage customers in brain-teasers while they wait for their order to arrive.

A 360 degree media campaign including a TVC promoting the WFF is already on air. Another TVC is slated to commence soon. The creative work has been done by JWT, media buying is through Mindshare. According to a company source, Yum! Brands Inc., which has Pizza Hut under its umbrella, plans spends of around Rs.40 million for the promotion of the WFF event.

Pizza Hut has 134 restaurants across 34 cities in India and Pizza Hut marketing director Anup Jain says that over the next three years another 65-70 stores will be added in the same cities. Pizza Hut has no current plans to increase their presence in newer cities, since Jain says that he sees growth potential in the 34 cities that Pizza Hut currently exists.

Rosa Catalano of the Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan fame was the special celebrity guest at the Bangalore roll out.

Source :, India