Panasonic announces Middeast launch of latest home theatre


Panasonic, the leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics, has announced the Middle East launch of the SC-NC9 and SC-NC6 DVD mini systems that incorporate a number of proven technologies to deliver sound of the highest quality. The home theatre systems boast of an entirely new concept that lets users choose either of two amp drive systems and configure the speaker units in several different ways.

Featuring a lustrous black exterior, the SC-NC9 makes it possible to configure its six speakers to make best use of the main unit's powerful output and to maximise sound quality according to the music source and user preferences.

For example, when watching a movie DVD, users can set up the speakers in a standard 5.1-channel configuration. When listening to classical music, users can place the surround speakers on top of the front speakers and drive them with the unit's bi-amp system – a feature usually found only in high-end audio systems.

In this setup, the top speakers reproduce mid- and high-frequency sounds, while the bottom speakers handle the low-frequency sound. Because the speakers are driven by separate amps, this configuration provides the kind of pure, high-quality sound that can be expected from a hi-fi system with tall-boy speakers.

The main unit's fluorescent display shows an icon to indicate which speaker drive system is in operation. Each speaker unit is designed to deliver outstanding sound regardless of the configuration. Panasonic's Trapezoidal Speaker box structure (named for its shape when viewed from above) suppresses the generation of standing waves inside the speaker box, so distortion is minimal.

When the SC-NC9 is connected with a Panasonic flat TV VIERA, users can control its operation using the VIERA remote control, thanks to the convenient VIERA Link function. Also, users can connect a portable audio player or USB devices to the SC-NC9/NC6 and enjoy music, Jpeg picture and MPEG4 video playback through the system's high-quality speakers.

The SC-NC6 DVD mini system on the other hand, features two Trapezoidal speakers and one subwoofer, but otherwise offers the same high-quality design and superb sound as the SC-NC9.