Multi-tasking Medical complex improves retail


The Newport Beach developer is building a $50-million project in Fullerton that will be a multi-tasking Medical complex with doctors' offices and shopping mall in Southern California.

According to LeBeau patients will visit their medical center for a CT scan or a flu shot also stay for lunch or some shopping.They perhaps meet a friend for lunch or browse for skin-care products. To encourage browsing and eating, the doctors' offices will have small waiting rooms and patients will be given pagers that alert them when the doctor is ready to see them.

So far, the mall portion of Fullerton's 100,000-square-foot Providence Center is slated to house a modest pair of contemporary restaurants and a skin treatment spa, but LeBeau hopes to attract other convenience retailers, such as sunglass stores, cellphone shops and a gym.Renee Cobos, a dermatologist who signed a pre-lease for Providence Center and plans to open a clinic and a medical spa offering products and cosm

etic treatments, such as Botox and peels,said "I've been looking at several [lease] spaces and this is perfect," According toLeBeau ,the hospital would provide additional retail customers, but that it was the combination of retail and medical complex that made Providence Center unusual. "You've got a whole baby boomer generation that is going to see the doctor more often for preventive care nowadays," LeBeau said. "They are not necessarily sick patients."