MINTEL says Online fashion sales grow 461% in five years


Research company MINTEL has found that sales of fashion clothing and footwear have increased by a massive 461% over the past five years to reach £1.2 billion in 2006. The impressive growth in fashion etail is being credited to an increase in the number of broadband internet connections, greater confidence in online shopping destinations and a wider selection of clothes available online.

What is more, the trend shows no sign of slowing, with New Look and Tesco’s highly anticipated online collections due to be launched this year. Sales are expected to increase a further 138% between 2006 and 2011 to reach £2.9 billion.

Neil Mason, senior retail analyst at MINTEL commented: "The online clothing industry is still in relative infancy but there is little doubt that 2006 was the defining year for the online fashion market. Last year was the first year that the business case for selling fashion over the internet came close to being proven and fashion retailers have only just started to see the justification in investing millions of pounds in improving their internet presence. 2006 also marked the year where many retailers chose to start selling their whole range online."

Source : Theappointment