Middle East Makeup sales expected up to $2.1bn


Middle East is witnessing a boom in sale of personal care and beauty products. There has been 12 percent yearly upturn for these products, with expectations of cosmetic sales rising to $2.1 billion in 2007.

Heather Nix, Group Exhibitions Manager, Messe Frankfurt which organizes Beauty World Middle East show, informed the media that this is a positive development for beauty sector.

Middle East’s 60 percent population comprises youth aged under 25 years who prefer cosmetics, herbal fragrances and moisturizers are made to help face its climatic conditions, while working women who earn more, purchase lot of cosmetic products. These reasons have brought about surge in sales.

Retail sales of UAE’s cosmetic and personal care industry went up from $382 million to over $414 million in 2006, as per a recent survey.

With each person spending about $334 on perfumes and cosmetics, utilization in the Middle East accounts for highest per capita income globally. Annual per capita income for this region has surpassed $20,000 according to Nix.

Also responsible for sales growth are fashion stores retailing cosmetics. Global brands retailer Paris Gallery will soon launch 40 new outlets in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.