DMCC launches “Pearls of Dubai” integrated pearl centre


Further to its April announcement heralding the establishment of the Dubai Pearl Exchange (DPE), the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has unveiled the “Pearls of Dubai” pearl farm, retail and interpretive center, a joint venture with Australia’s Arrow Pearls.

The pearl farm, to be located off the emirate’s coast, will also serve as a training center for locals interesting in working in the resurgent industry. Pearling was once an important local occupation that faded in recent years.

According to the DMCC, “Pearls of Dubai will develop the entire value chain of the industry from production to retail. The recently announced Dubai Pearl Exchange will form an integral part of this chain by providing an exclusive trading platform.”

In addition, DMCC announced that the offshore farms will produce Dubai brand pearls, which will also be known as “Pearls of Dubai.” The branded pearls will be certified as adhering to specifications determined by DMCC, carrying an identity hallmark defining their provenance as pearls produced in the waters of Dubai.

“Pearls of Dubai” will be established as a joint venture between DMCC, a Dubai government initiative and Arabian Gulf Pearls DMCC, the Dubai-based office of Arrow Pearls of Broome, Australia.

“’Pearls of Dubai’ demonstrates DMCC’s commitment to re-establishing the UAE as the leading destination for pearl diving and trading. It will bring together the best of the UAE’s pearling tradition and modern technological advancements of pearl farming,” said Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chief Operating Officer, DMCC.

“Most importantly, “Pearls of Dubai” will offer extensive training programmes for UAE nationals aspiring to join the pearl industry, thereby taking the industry back to its roots in the Gulf. The centre will focus on generating interest among young UAE nationals through interactive and interpretative programmes,” he added.

Stephen Arrow of Arrow Pearls Australia, said, “We are extremely pleased to be associated with DMCC as we launch this exciting project to revitalise the traditional pearl diving culture of the region. In the past, pearling was the backbone of the region’s economy, and we are glad to participate in the revival of this tradition.

“The Arabian pearl diving tradition reached the far off shores of Northern Australia about 140 years ago. That event initiated the formation of the small pearling town of Broome in remote Western Australia where my family has worked in the pearling industry for the past 28 years," he concluded.
An interpretive center at the Pearls of Dubai will tell the story of pearling in the UAE, and the pearl diving tradition in Australia and Tahiti. Visitors will be able to observe life under the sea, as if they themselves were pearl divers, passing through an acrylic tunnel beneath the sea in a purpose-built pearling marina.