Cult Clothing upgrades WinRMIS retail management system


Cult Clothing has upgraded its WinRMIS retail management system supplied by Eurostop, a leading supplier of retail systems to the Fashion, Footwear and General Merchandise sector. The company invested in Eurostop’s WinRMIS to manage stock across it stores.

The clothing retailer also uses WinPOS at till point to capture and analyse data, maximising sales across its stores. Recent enhancements include integration with the company’s account system and customer details captured at till point.

Cult claims increased profitability as a result of improved stock management and being able to respond to customer buying trends, has enabled it to grow even in the current tough market conditions. Cult clothing chose Eurostop’s solution having evaluated competitive market offerings against core functionality criteria and for the company’s proven record in the retail fashion industry.

Head office users can view sales figures from branches in real time, without the need to contact sales staff. Stock is now fully integrated across the branch network, enabling each store to view on touch screens what is available and request items to be delivered to respond to specific customer requests, rather than stock being ordered from the central warehouse.

Cult Clothing has also set threshold levels on stock that automatically flag which items are running low. Individual reports for each store can be run at the click of a button to ensure the right colours and sizes are supplied to the stores. OLAP analysis techniques allow data to be viewed in multiple dimensions, with graphic reporting and personalised views.

The reduced reporting time ensures that stock is supplied to the stores earlier. In some instances the replenishments are run twice in the week, to meet demand.

Additional enhancements on the till software capture customer account information at point of sale, enabling Cult to have a better view on customer preferences. Integration of Eurostop’s solution with the company accounts package and website have also streamlined online transactions and reduced the need to manually input sales data from the individual stores.

“Many independent retailers are tightening the belts in the current market,”said Ian Munday, Logistics Manager at Cult Clothing. “At Cult we are bucking the trend, expanding the number of stores that we have and promoting and developing our own brand, Superdry.”

“With Eurostop’s retail management system we have been able to reduce our stock holding, revise our purchasing strategy to meet buying trends and operate more profitably. The business benefits that Eurostop’s solution has brought to Cult have already paid for the cost of the system.”

Denise Basquil, Sales Executive at Eurostop commented, “For specialist retailers like Cult Clothing it is important to react quickly to customer trends. Having a clear view on stock levels and being able to meet specific store requirements has a direct impact on the bottom line. Eurostop’s retail management systems have been designed to assist retailers get the information they need to make fast decisions, streamline operations and capitalise on sales opportunities.”

Established in Cheltenham in 1985 by Julian Dunkerton, Cult has built on its success year on year, as a result of its founder’s unique understanding of the youth fashion market.

Source : Eurostop Ltd