Buy Online Pick Up In-Store


More and more customers with disposable income, but little time, are doing more of their shopping across channels — researching and buying through a mix of online, in-store, call centers, and catalogs. To attract and keep these highly-profitable consumers, retailers are honing their multi-channel sales techniques. One such technique — giving customers the option to buy online and pick up in-store — is proving it can build strong relationships with multi-channel customers and deliver immediate, lasting financial benefits to retailers who learn how to do it right.

In-store pickup requires careful planning, as well as the right tools. Planning and coordinating the cross-channel sales process, selecting products for maximum results, and overcoming institutional barriers are all crucial elements to the successful execution of an in-store pickup strategy. But managing the multi-channel order demands more than what today’s point-of-sale, merchandising, and even online solutions can offer. A new approach — distributed order management — coordinates all the business processes needed for successful, satisfying multi-channel transactions.

Order management solutions are available that not only meet today’s demands for in-store pickup, but set a solid foundation for tomorrow’s multi-channel sales environment.