Apple’s first iPhone retail units arrive in US


The first retail units of Apple's upcoming iPhone handset have finally arrived in the United States this past weekend. An unknown number of units were quietly delivered to a handful of drop locations to be distributed to nearly 2,000 Apple and AT&T locations.

According to AppleInsider, the iPhones arrived via a Hong Kong-based air courier which services Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The cargo arrived in enough time to clear customs as well as sort through any unexpected delays.

Sources stated that each shipment was greeted by armed personnel that had been hired by Apple through the courier's ground handling agent and then cleared by the Transportation Security Administration. The units were then broken down and loaded onto outbound ground transportation.

It's currently unclear as to where the iPhones will be stored over the next few days before they go on sale Friday at 6:00 PM, albeit they could wind up in the stockrooms of various retail locations. In the meantime, Apple has reportedly begun informing its retail personnel that no cameras of any kind — such as cell phone cameras or built-in iSight cameras on laptops, will be allowed within stock room areas of its retail locations.

No matter how you slice it, Friday should be interesting.

Source: O'Grady's Power Page