adidas launches new campaign, ‘Impossible is Nothing’


adidas presents the evolution of its brand through an inspiring new campaign, ‘Impossible is Nothing' that tells the stories of real people attempting and achieving what once seemed like impossible goals. Through these stories, the leading sports brand hopes to inspire people to think about their own obstacles, and encourage them to take the first step in reaching their impossible.

Eduard Massier, business development & marketing director, adidas Emerging Markets, said: ‘We feel very deeply about this campaign, as not only does it tell the stories of our celebrated athletes, but also it exposes adidas' enduring history of challenging the impossible, which also lies at the root of our brand today.

"We believe in reaching our customers across the globe and challenging them to excel. Locally, we can offer the stories of admired athletes like Ismail Mattar, who championed the UAE football team to victory. Through the Impossible Is Nothing campaign, which has been activated across the region, we will give fans a behind the scenes insight into the lives of these athletes, their struggles before the victory, in the hope that they will attempt their own journey."

Over 30 international sports stars and everyday athletes have conveyed their ‘Impossible' stories through their own hand-drawn illustrations and paintings. Content for the campaign was created by inviting the athletes to spend time in an art studio with a toy box of art supplies and allowing them to bring their story to life in their own way. The exercise created a wealth of material which consumers can enjoy seeing in retail, cinema and the website.

The campaign has managed to encapsulate an honesty and truth rarely seen by the athletes; David Beckham explains how he braved death threats from fans after the 1998 FIFA World Cup while US basketball star Gilbert Arenas explains why he wears the number 0 on his shirt.

The concept, created and executed by adidas' global advertising partner, 180 Amsterdam (180/TBWA) is the latest in a long line of successful collaborations between the two in recent years. From the original ‘Impossible is Nothing' launch campaign in 2004, which was built around Muhammad Ali, to the memorable meeting of English ‘kicking gods' David Beckham and Jonny Wilkinson and, most recently, the award-winning football World Cup campaign +10.

The fully integrated campaign has launched globally and includes 21 TV commercials, 15 documentaries, one long-format film, behind the scenes footage, print, large scale outdoor as well as exclusive digital content to be found on

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