5 clever car salesmen tricks to watch out for


When you’re buying a used car on sale in Dubai, the process of buying involves a lot of research and planning.

Whether you are buying a car online or directly through dealerships, the process can be very frustrating! Consumers report that one of their major annoyances is dealing with car salespeople.

Car salespeople can be cunning and to trick buyers. Even though the stereotype is often blown out of proportion, GulfRetail with contributions from CarSwitch.com, wanted to help you know some of the tricks salespeople use and how being aware of them could possibly save you thousands of dollars!

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1- Being secretive about the prices: Playing coy about the prices is a common ploy used by car salespeople. If you hear upfront that a vehicle costs $21,000, it might not sound like something you can afford. But hearing about monthly installments of $190 per month may sound a bit more affordable. By concealing the all-inclusive price of the vehicle, the sales people make it look like the expensive car is within your reach.

2- Beware of fishy deals: Car salesmen will reel you in with seemingly great bargain prices. But what they fail to mention is that you will need certain salary thresholds, or specific pre-listed employers, to qualify for the beneficial terms. It is likely that the seasoned sales guy will temp the buyer into snatching up a good car deal and then lay all the “necessary terms and conditions” after you walk out with one. It is important to not just be aware of car scams, but fishy car deals as well!

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3- False comparisons: A trick many dealers will employ to both car sellers and buyers alike, where they’ll pop up a seemingly similar car on a classifieds website to convince you the price they are offering (to buy or sell) is actually attractive. Be careful, the car they are showing you might be an ad they created themselves to make the car in the lot look more attractive!

4- Unwanted upgrades: After you have picked out a car, be prepared for the salesman to offer you a few unnecessary upgrade features such as an extended warranty plan and a tire upgrade. The extras can add up to a few thousand dirhams and some extra margins for the salesperson! Do your research upfront to know if these extra upgrades are of value to you so you can include them in your negotiations before you settle on a final sales price.

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5- Hiding a car’s history: Often the car can be sold for more than it is worth by sketchy dealers. Always, no matter how reputable the dealer may seem, have the car inspected. If the dealer won’t allow you to move the car to your local mechanic you can enlist a service a service that visits the car wherever it is for an inspection. CarSwitch.com offers a pre-purchase inspection for only $81, where a certified mechanic will visit the car and run a full check up to set your mind at ease.

Alternatively, when buying your next car have a look at an online marketplace where you can buy the car direct from a private seller (no sales people to worry about).

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