NEUS technology plans new tie-ups


Consumer electronics brand NEUS is looking to establish itself in the burgeoning retail market through tie-ups with power retailers and distributors. Part of the Cofiman group and with a background in the systems integration business, this Spanish firm has a broad portfolio of electronics products including LCD televisions, smartphones, portable DVD players, and digital cameras.

Turning up for his second Distree Digital Consumer Channel, Hector Rodriguez, director at NEUS technology, claimed that the firm was able to tie up an agreement with a distributor for North Africa last year. “We were here last year. We found a very good partner for North African countries, for Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria, but not for the Middle East. Our aim being here in Fujairah is to find a distributor or partner for each country in the Middle East region now we have done North Africa.”

With a 23 years old history beginning in the system assembly segment, NEUS has quickly built up its competencies in the consumer electronics market. “We are experts in manufacturing in the PC industry and now we are moving abroad with our consumer electronics wares. From June we will be manufacturing LCD televisions in Spain for all of Europe at our final assembly plant. There are few European consumer electronics firms who can offer the same level of support as we can,” said Rodriguez.

If all goes to plan, NEUS will soon base people over in Dubai. The firm is looking to set up a logistics hub in the Emirate to cater to the retail sector across the Gulf. “The UAE is a very interesting market, as is Qatar. I haven’t been to Saudi yet, but that’s why we are here, to learn about the Middle East market. We are hoping to meet firms over here in Distree, and we’ll be basing our growth on the people that we meet here,” concluded Rodriguez.

Source: It-Arabia