i2 to connect religious tourists during Hajj Season


i2 launches an innovative project confirming its commitment to KSA, i2’s home country.  During Hajj, i2 will have retail buses placed around the holy city of Makkah enabling pilgrims to buy Al Jawal sim cards, Nokia phones and accessories while they are away from home. 

A first of its kind service, the mobile outlets are ready to provide customers with Al Jawal services and Nokia products. Hajj is set to attract approximately 3 million pilgrims from around the globe to the Kingdom during this hajj season.  To avoid incurring huge phone bills and for those who may forget to pack a charger or blue tooth device, i2’s diverse range of products and services is available.


“Hajj is an extremely significant event in the Islamic calendar.  We at i2 wanted to support the Pilgrimage to Makkah, which is how we came up with this evolutionary idea of placing i2 retail buses within the vicinity.  During Hajj, pilgrims are undertaking a spiritual journey; it is a time to focus and cleanse oneself, the convenience of the 3 buses eliminates any stress of finding a retail outlet, for those who need to contact or be contacted by family and loved ones.”  Said Abdul Hamid Al Sunaid

The pilgrimage takes place each year between the eighth and the 13th days of Dhu al-Hijjah, the 12th month of the Muslim lunar calendar. After which, the buses will be used to serve remote areas in the Kingdom.

Jameel Molhem, General Manager, Marketing, AL JAWAL stated that, “Al Jawal and i2 share the same goal: To offer KSA residents and tourists creative packages and convenience services. We are pleased to work with i2 again on their mobile outlets because we believe this campaign is one that will benefit visitors, the tourism industry and the Kingdom”.

Jihad El Eit, Vice President of Marketing, i2, said that “this is a great opportunity to generate exposure to the company’s values and our customer focused efforts.  Our aim is to refresh our physical retail presence with creative and exciting ideas, which focus on offering the consumers more for their money”.

Source: Al Bawaba